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Refined Sugar intake

8/17 9:04:11

I'm currently involved in an intense workout routine where i burn 1500 plus calories a day how would taking a high intake of refined sugars affect me?

Hello Rafy!

Thank you for your nutrition question.  For an athlete, one of the dangers of maintaining a diet that is high in refined sugars is: your body will digest sugar very quickly and you will not feel full for very long. You will likely be feeling famished frequently and will eat much more often than you would if your diet had enough proteins and fats in it. If you eat refined sugars frequently, your diet will be high in calories and you will be a candidate for gaining too much weight.

The human body quickly converts simple carbs into the form of energy. White sugar, for example, can be converted into the form of energy in about 15 minutes. Consuming a moderate amount of simple carbs just before a workout or a competition can help give you a burst of energy. Be careful not to eat too much immediately before a workout or a competition. That can dramatically slow you down.

Hope this helps!  For more answers to your nutrition questions check out www.planetyorgos.com

-George Rapitis, MS
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