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mass gain

8/17 9:04:09

HI, my name is Saahil, my weight is 70 kgs and my height is 5ft 11in. i do
weights 5 times a week and one day of cardio, im trying to put on some bulk, i
have been losing weight of late, although i can lift heavy and am toned, i still
look  thin, the problem is that i am an eggeterian( veggies + egg) no meat.
could you help me to put on some bulk.


Its really a case of you need to put in more calories then you burn. You could do less work like drop the cardio and your going to have to eat more. Your really going to have to load up on the eggs to get your protein in since you dont eat meat / dairy and Id ad LOTS of fats to your diet, nuts, oils, coconut etc. etc..

If your losing and not gaining you simply MUST eat more plain and simple

Hope that helps
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