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Weight Loss Stagnant

8/17 9:04:06

I am a 23 year old girl,height 172 cm and weight 67.5 kgs.I used to weigh nearly 80 kgs around 5 months back and by going for walks and trying to maintain a balanced diet I managed to reduced nearly 11 kilos at a constant pace(around 2 kilos per month).But for past one month I find it very difficult to reduce my weight even though I increased my walking distance by 10 minutes and made small changes in diet.Can you tell me why it is being difficult to lose weight now(i have lost only 0.5 kg in the past one month) and also what  the ideal weight I should aim for.

Thank You.


Dear Ross,

The ideal weight for a woman at your age and height is between 55-69 kg.

This is the reason why it is getting harder to lose weight:
when you are heavier, you are carrying "extra weight" so your body burn more calories.   Now that you are lighter, your body automatically burn less calories.

You are now at your ideal weight but if you would like to lose some more weight, try these:
1. Carry dumbbells when you walk that way you will burn extra calories.
2. Walk faster to increase your metabolism.

Best wishes,
Linda Yo
Certified Weight Consultant &
Author of Asian Slim Secrets

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