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The fat wont go anywhere!

8/17 9:04:05


I hope you can help me.  I am 33 year old female, 245 lbs and 5' 11".  I have been working out in my home gym and outdoors for 5 months steady now doing the following...

6 days a week .... 3-5 miles on mtn. bike pulling a trailer with 50 lbs of kids, plus 1 hour of cardio all types including stair stepper, high intensity, low intensity, cardio and weights, and cardio burst or hiking plus 30-60 minutes of yoga or pilates

3 days a week .... One hour of Slow and heavy weight lifting or lighter and more reps using different muscle groups on specific days

I eat orange juice banana and soy protein for breakfast

I eat usually either the above or eggwhites, salsa and whole wheat bread for lunch

I have small snacks between meals like carrot sticks, string cheese or cottage cheese

Dinner is usually a chicken breast and veggies..salad and some sort of protein ect. Sometime legumes and veggies.  
I usually eat around 1500-2000 calories day sometimes more if I feel I need to.

Here's the problem,  I have yet to lose a single pound..I have lost about 5 inches around my waist and hips... I won't complain about that but I should weigh somewhere between 170-190 lbs and thats with all the muscle I have gained. I have been down to that weight before, after I had my first child.  What am I doing wrong?  I have extra fat everywhere and it seems to go nowhere! I am starting to lose hope that I will ever be down to an appropriate size.

Can you please give advice?  
Thank you in advance


Dont get discouraged!!!!!!!!!!!! YOu have lost 5 inches and maintained Bodyweight that means youve lots at the least 5 lbs of fat and most likely more and gained a bit of lean mass. Thats a good thing.

OK I think you need to over haul the resistance training and I would look to do full body not body part stuff your really missing the boat there your doing exercises that have very little bang for the buck. I worked exclusively for 3 years with women on a dedicated forum for weight loss and everyone I switched to doing BIG compound exercises, like squatting, over head pressing, dead lifts various rows and heavy, Not slow but lifting like an athlete What makes us Guys big makes you women HOT! You wont get big without really trying and that usually means drug use. But less is more Big exercises just 3 - 4 of them and DO them to completion like one day you may squat, bench and bent over row  then 1 ab move and thats it but you DO those exercises several sets work hard and we concentrate on NOT going to failure but nice steady progress. Bring the intensity up a bit on the resistance training

Diet wise?? I think the calories are about right for now. Id make some changes in your choices. Id drop the soy protein ASAP, Their are to many questions on its safety. Id go to a nice simple whey or real food. The other thing Is I think you are shorting your self BIG time on healthy fats which can really mess with our hormones and health including your thyroid. Id aim to ad some fish oils, olive oil and nuts to your diet. Drop the carbs a bit lower for a while. Limit then to low GI fruits like apples, pears etc, TONS of green veggies and base each meal/snack on a complete protein source, Have the majority of carbs early in the day. Drop the juice, it is fruit minus the good parts.

Cardio wise look good looks a bit excessive. Id try and get a bit more concentration on the resistance training and then tack on the cardio.    Maybe one session a day low intensity like the bike rides on the days you resistance train, you can go a bit higher on the other days. Nice simple walking then can be great and relax you and burn exclusively fat and help you recover.

Hope some of this helps, check out our free discussion forum it has a nice core group of women as well of every shape, form, and goal

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