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8/17 9:04:03

hi i was wondering how can i lose 40 pounds by June. i tried everything and nothing work I've tried weight watchers, best life, and slim fast. lately i been walking 10,000 steps but is that enough to lose weight?


Walking alone or exercising only, is not the way to lose and then maintain a healthy bodyshape.

The key is to understand that, in order to at it's best, your body needs the best you can feed it. If you increase your activity through exercise then it needs more energy by eating more of the healthiest foods...not by decreasing them!

That is why dieting always fails in the long run.

Always try to have a daily balance of lean meats/fish/chicken/eggs with plenty of fresh veg. Use fruit as snacks and drink at least 8 glasses of water.

You can have treats and eating out, but keep them for the occasional not the routine.

That's it. It's quite simple but we are all taken in by the media diet marketing and so continually try and fail, and each time it becomes harder to succeed.

As for losing the weight by June- no one can say. What i can guarantee is that you will look and feel your absolute best.

I've been practicing what i preach for 4 years and our programme has been running for 28 years. Testiment to what we say:-)

All the best
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