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chinese herbal diet pills (green color)

8/17 9:04:02

i am on chinese herbal diet pills since one year ago. i lost 12 kg. i am happy, i still need 8 kg to reach my goal. i am a woman 32 years old 170cm and 78kg. i drink alot of water, eat once per day. my main food is salads with a piece of chicken or meat + brown bread and cheese. i always starve for sweets, therefore, i eat sugar free deserts (canderel). I want to know what i might face in the future as side effects? if one day i dont take my herbal diet pill, i eat like a crazy and cant stop myself. (i smoke and drink alcohol twice per week).
pls advise me. thank you

Hi Carol,

I don't know the ingredients of the herbal pills that you are taking so I can't answer your question.

However, 2-4 cups of warm green tea or oolong tea might help you increase your metabolism & to control your cravings, try this low calorie recipe: (copy & paste to your browser)


Best wishes,
Linda Yo
Author of Asian Slim Secrets
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