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olive oil and beef liver

8/17 9:03:56

Hello again with a couple of questions
a) For frying I use exclusively extra virgin oil of 0.5 % acidity. Is it ok in terms of fumes produced during frying?
b) I love beef liver. I consume a piece of 150 gr. 3-4 times a month. Cholesterol aside, is it too much? I have heard that it is likely to contain leftovers of antiobitics, since it is the organ that metabolises them.

Thank you so much

Yia sou Apostolos!

  I would not recommend eating beef liver however, I believe you can substitute with calf's liver. It is less likely to have the accumulations of toxins such as pesticides, hormones and antibiotics found in the liver of older animals. Selecting organic calf's liver provides the greatest assurance that the liver is free of these toxins. Calf's liver also is more tender and has better flavor than beef liver.

  Olive oil is ideal for frying. In proper temperature conditions, without over-heating, it undergoes no substantial structural change and keeps its nutritional value better than other oils, not only because of the antioxidants but also due to its high levels of oleic acid. Its high smoking point (210篊) is substantially higher than the ideal temperature for frying food (180篊). Those fats with lower critical points, such as corn and butter, break down at this temperature and form toxic products.

Another advantage of using olive oil for frying is that it forms a crust on the surface of the food that impedes the penetration of oil and improves its flavour. Food fried in olive oil has a lower fat content than food fried in other oils, making olive oil more suitable for weight control. Olive oil, therefore, is the most suitable, the lightest and the tastiest medium for frying.

Efharisto!  For more answers go to www.planetyorgos.com

-George Rapitis, MS

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