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8/17 9:03:53

Hello Linda,
My height is 181 cm and my weight is 78 kg. I was having perfect body when i was in college some 8-9 months back. But now being a Software Engineer i have put on about 7-8 kilos and my weight is still increasing. I have cut down the coffee intake and oily food, but still i my weight is increasing.
Please help me not to become overweight.

Hi Shalabh,

Most people who work with computers gain weight because their metabolism slow down.

If we sit down all day long, we decrease muscles tissiu. Muscle is the calorie eating machine of our bodies, 1 lb of muscle consume 50-100 calories/day while 1 lb of fat only consume 1-3 calories/day.
If you want to lose weight, you need to increase your muscle mass with strength training. You can pick up my book, Asian Slim Secrets (in chapter 12, I explain about  simple exercises that you can do at any place that will increase your muscle strength - sorry, it's hard to explain the exercise here because you need to see pictures to do it correctly) or get Jorge Cruise book, 8 Minutes in the Morning (his exercise method are a little harder than mine).

Strength training also makes you look firm, younger and it increases your bone density.

Best wishes,
Linda Yo
Certified Weight Consultant
Author of Asian Slim Secrets

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