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8/17 9:03:51

I am 16 and 5'3 and I weigh around 110lbs, is this a healthy weight for my height.

Some people tell me yes this is healthy, some people tell me I am underweight. A few years ago I weighed like 10 - 20 lbs less and I felt gross and underweight, now I feel like 110lbs is the prefect weight for my height.

Is 110lbs a healthy weight for my height or am I underweight?? Thanks!!


I really cant answer that question. I have female clients that are shorter then you and weight 15-20 lbs more and others that are light. Its really depends NOT on how much the scale says but how more body fat and lean mass you are carrying. If you had a large amount of lean mass and low body fat id say you are light and need to add scale weight. if you have low lean mas then you could be at a very healthy body fat range

Hope that helps,
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