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rducing sodium intake

8/17 9:03:50

I have inherited a heart condition that I am well aware will require me to work on my weight the rest of my life.  Lately I have noticed that I am having a problem retaining fluids.  Much of the problem, as noted by my cardiologist, is due to diet.  My family and I tend to rely on processed food-Hamburger helper type meals, canned vegetables and fruits.  For the most part I have succeeded in reducing the family's visits to fast food restaurants to almost zero.

My question pertains to canned fruits and vegetables.  Is there a way to desalt, or dilute the sodium in canned goods?

I know I have to get very serious about changing my diet, but I am also concerned about the financial impact.

John, you can rinse canned goods but there will still be extra sodium.  Fresh or frozen is better.  Processed, convenience type foods are full of sodium.  Are you looking at the food label and trying to limit your sodium intake?  I would recommend 2000mg/day for you.  Cooking from scratch is actually cheaper, it just takes a little bit longer.
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