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caffeine effects on fat cels

8/17 9:03:31

I was told by a friend of mine that his doctor told him that the caffeine in diet drinks (Diet Mt.Dew my fav) makes it very hard to break down fat cells. I plan to eat better and drink less of these as one of my first ever resolutions this year. I do drink to many diet dews and didn't think they were hurting me weight wise. Any info on this would be great.....Thanks Mike

Mike, I have never heard or learned of this theory.  In my opinion, diet drinks are artificial so it's good to limit them as much as possible...everything in moderation.  For weight loss, Bios Life Slim is a great option that many do not know about.  It has helped me personally and many of my clients.  It's natural, no stimulants (no caffeine!) - you can learn more at www.bioslifeslim.com.  Take care and Happy New Year!

Jen Birge,RD
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