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grr legs

8/17 9:03:26

QUESTION: well im 5'6" weighing about 130 lbs i wouldnt say that im fat i actually love my body i have except for my legs i have a very slim upper body tiny waist but wide hips big legs and big calfs it and i was wondering is there really is any food that im eating that litterally goes to the hips and if there is any exercises i could do to really slim down the hips and make them more proportional with the upper body

ANSWER: Well I've got good news and I've got bad news- You love half of your body- which means you are closer than most to accepting and loving yourself!(And having extra weight on your hips and not your belly is healthier for you!)


There is no such thing as spot reduction- no "targeted" exercise will make your thighs smaller and no food or weight loss pill will either. Our bodies are programmed genetically to lose and gain weight in certain places- things like stress, hormones and alcohol can make it harder to lose weight- but very little can be done to change a genetic predisposition.Exercise will burn calories, which will cause weight loss, but only your body knows where it will come from first. Your best bet is to stay active, eat a healthy diet, try to manage your stress and love your body.

Hope this helps

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Oh I am trying to stay active in martial arts but I've hearD that if you eat a lot of bread or carbs it goes to your hips is that true?        Becouse my diet is mostly bread products and high fat foods and little meat I want to slow down on the fatty foods but do I need to eat less bread to I don't really want to cause I know fats and carbs are our source of energy and if I take both out I'm worried I won't have any energy

Eating a lot of processed carbs isn't good for you, but bread doesn't have a special "straight to the hips" message encoded in it. Try eating more fruits and veggies, more lean protein (which doesn't have to be meat), less bad fat and processed carbs. This will make you feel better on so many levels. If you need help, or just want more information you can join my website
http:///www.LelaSimonWellness.com -it's free and I am always changing the members only -info giving recipes and such. Check it out.
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