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Opinion about USN diet fuel?

8/17 9:03:23

What is your honest opinion about stuff like USN diet fuel? I'm perfectly aware that there is no easy way to loose weight and that you still need to follow a diet and exercise while you use it.

But, does it help any at all? Apparently it's a meal replacement, so you can skip one of your meals during the day. And apparently it helps you build muscle easier and controls hunger pains. Think this is true?

I don't want to buy it if it won't help any? Does it speed up your weight loss a bit at all? What happens when you stop drinking it after you lost the weight, do you just gain it all back again?

Can it be dangerous at all in any way?

The only issue with any of the MANY "meal replacement" diets is that it is a band-aid for a broken arm. The problem is that you don't know how to eat to be healthy, and eating meal replacements doesn't teach you to eat well, it just costs loads of money and has you eating chalky shakes or tasteless bars. Eventually you will grow tired of paying for the chalky shakes and you will definitely be tired of drinking the things and you will go back to eating regular food- the same food you were eating BEFORE the diet, and you will gain weight.

Now I might be biased, I do run a website and I do have a diet plan of my own- It doesn't require buying any supplements and I don't tell you what to eat. Instead, I help you learn and make a habit of eating really well in an enjoyable way- and I add in the exercise and stress management components that I think are SO important to weight loss.

As far as the dangerous part, in doing research I noticed that they sell weight loss supplements that contain stimulants- I would be careful with any of these. For some people they are fine, but others can have very nasty reactions.  
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