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Other Carbs

8/17 9:03:19

I still do not understand your previous answer on "other carbs". As a carb minus fiber counter, do you add the carb and other carb numbers together then minus the fiber or is that "other carb" number already in the main carb amount? Do I just don't bother to look at the "other carb" in my numbers?

Hi Penny!

You really don't need to look at "other carbs" because the FDA calculates total carbohydrates by subtracting grams of protein, fat, water and ash ?a scientific term for the nonburnable part of a food that includes minerals such as calcium and phosphates ?from the total weight of the food. The resulting number is listed on the food label as "total carbs."

Net carbs ?a term not approved or defined by the FDA ?is the total number of carbohydrates minus fiber, glycerin and sugar alcohols. Net carbs, like low carb, is a marketing phrase used by proponents of low-carb diets to show a reduced carbohydrate amount on their products. Their theory is that fiber, glycerin and sugar alcohols ?which are all forms of carbohydrates ?don't raise blood sugar, so they shouldn't be tallied when counting carbs. But in reality, glycerin and sugar alcohols can raise blood sugar to some extent, and these substances do contribute calories.

Hope this clears things up!

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