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jump starting metabolisim

8/17 9:03:16

I am overweight and since Sept. have been dieting and exercising (walk 3 miles in morning).  I lost 20 lbs. but since Nov. am at a standsstill.  I do not eat until I am thru walking then I eat oatmeal.  I have always heard the body cannot digest food and exercise at same time.  My daughter said I was incorrect and that I should eat breakfast first to jump start my metabolism. She thinks I
I am starving myself, but I am not, just trying to eat small portions of healthy food.  Thank you for an answer.

Hi Pat,

When I ran in the morming, I would eat breakfast, go out the door, take 15 minutes to get up to full bore. I have a blood sugar problem and I would have passed out if I hadn't eaten. If I had just broke into full speed I would have tossed it. You can eat and run, just shift thru your gears.

In general, eat already. If you are hungry eat. If you really like eating later, it feels good, go with that. But yes, not eating tends to put you into Famine Mode, lowering metabolism.

Also, the current economic issues are enough to put most into famine mode. Meditate, visualize a sense of well being, security, bounty.

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