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eating before&after workout

8/17 9:03:16

I workout for 60-120 minutes around 9am.
My workout consists of cardio with a bit of toning.
I am very confused as to what I should before and after the workout!
I am hoping to burn fat as well as increase my fitness levels.
Thank you!

ANSWER: Fatima-

I would think about changing the workout abit to a more resistance training base, (lifting weights) then cardio last to get the biuggest bang for your buck, preserve muscle that makes you tonme and burn the most fat.

As far as diet, you dont want o come in hungry if you are doing ANYTHING but low intensity cardio, For something like walking etc its fine and effective but for resistance training, or harder cardio its just a disaster that will rip muscle off of you which will lower your metabolism and that makes you burn less calories all day. Have a small snack just prior that mainly consists of protein and a bit of fat, even a glass of milk or protein shake and a few nuts, then after is a good time to have a nice balanced meal, with protein, carbs and a bit of fats to halt he cataboilic state your in. If you have done mainly cardio and not so much the high intensity resistance training Id like to see you do go lower on the carbs. If you have hit he weights hard and then done a bit of cardio, a bit higher carb to restore glycogen and halt catabolism. Either way get a nice whole food meal in soon, if you want a protein shake immediately after with some carbs can be good then a smaller real whole food meal in the stead of the whole food only option. Both can work though.

Stay consistent eat mainly real whole foods, based in protein first (meat, fish, poultry, dairy eggs, etc, then add the healthy carbs (fruit, veggies etc) and fats (nuts, olive oil, butter, fish oils, etc.) and you will lose weight get healthy and fit.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you very for the helpful response...
I normally have a bowl of oatmeal before a workout but recently I have been feeling weak during a workout...Could you please explain the reason and some possible solutions?

I cant really. I could be a number of thing. Very low calories, need more intake. Bad sleep, over reaching with no break, just constantly pushing it to the limits with no time to recover. Life stres etc.

take a look at everything, step back and really look

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