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Wheat or Gluten Intolerance?

8/17 9:03:15

I am 50.
I have been overweight all my life with a very pronounced belly,along with poor digestion.
This in spite of the fact I eat very healthy,average 1500 calories a day and get tons of exercise (I am a mailman and play football).I have tried vegetarian,ovo-lacto,low carb,very low calorie-nothing.
I have had my thyroid and everything checked but the doctor can find no issues.Since my Dad and uncles have the same build I assumed it was genetic.
While researching my condition I discovered wheat intolerance,a mild form of celiac disease.I have most of the symptoms.Its also heredetary.
Do you think this could be the problem? I was brought up on toast,and switched to low carb bread recently which didnt help.According to the website its not the carbs its the wheat.


It could be. did it get worse when you went to low carb bread?? if its gluten it should have. They LOAD low carb bread with gluten which is a wheat protein. Thats great for most of us but not hose who have probs. I would get tested.

I would also urge you to eat a high amount of calories then you are from good food. 1500 is VERY low and that could very well be the reason you are storing fat and dont feel good. Your body is in starvation mode which makes it do everything it can to hold body fat. (fule to stay alive your bodies #1 Goal) and it will do so by dropping expensive muscle and lowering you metabolic rate. If you fed the body what it needs day in and day out it will get comfortable knowing its not going to starve and feel that it doesnt have to store much fat to preserve its simple life functions

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