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Battling obesity 4 years

8/17 9:03:12

Dear Laura,

              Hi I was never an obessed child. It started after graduation of High school and I have a thyroid disease. I take medication my doctor increased the pill and I am struggling 4 years now to lose the weight. I gained because I was depressed my thyroid was the cause of my depression. My story is simliar to Oprah's on her thyroid disease. Its not easy, its funny how simple it is to put on weight but its hard to take it off.

I am 22 with learning disablities. I may appear like I have ADD and I wear a hearing aid in left ear. I was born moderately deaf. I get seizures too. I dont know were they are coming from some of my doctors say cataplexi or Narcolepy, but the rest of the doctors and my aunt says it sounds like grand mal seizures, I am affected by sirens and mri noices or high pitched sounds like alarms. I even cannot watch a concert on tv or certain movies because of my seizure disorder. It sucks!

I was born with a chromosome missing it is 22q11. Or namely velo cardio facial syndrome. I only know there are 130,000 people with my syndrome. I even make squeeks and I cannot help it, for some reason it just happens. This year I am trying to get serious about myself. I need to open up to the possiblities that I can win this battle. What are some diets I can try? And I am lazy I mean I have lack of motivation and I dont know where to begin. I have a tredmill at home but I am afraid that if I go on it I may have a seizure. What to do! I need help... What can I do?

Dear Jacqueline, Accept the fact that you will have to increase your activity level to lose weight. A treadmill can mimic walking, so if you are allowed to walk, then you should be allowed to use the treadmill. If you are afraid to be on that motorized machine due to your seizure disorder, then you have a valid concern. Your doctor should be called and consulted about your concerns. I would think, someone should be around to help you in case you have a seizure while walking.
Hopefully your thyroid condition is being controlled with thyroid medications, this will help to keep your metabolism running at a level to allow a weight loss. Any healthy eating diet should cause a weight loss provided you are walking daily for at least 30 minutes. Weight Watchers, South Beach, Jenny Craig are all examples of healthy weight control diets for adults. Your doctor can probably set you up with a dietician who can then help you plan your own diet,into consideration any medical conditions that might affect your outcomes. Call your doctor and see if that is an option.
The motivation part has to come from within. Write down your goals and a plan on how you can accomplish those goals. Everyday when you wake up, ask yourself what part of my plan will I be doing today? Then really try to stick with that plan. Hope that helps, Laura Kraemer,Slimkids.com
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