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teenager on weight watchers

8/17 9:03:11

My daughter is a student and started weight watchers on-line 3 weeks ago.  She has had intermitent headaches / migraines prior to this, but this headache has been going on for 6 days, which is the longest ever.  She's about 2 stone overweight, and very unhappy with it, and was very positive about WW.  Could the change in eating habits be causing this headache?

Dear Jan, Dietary migraines and headaches can be the result of food allergies or intolerance, also the withdrawing of caffeine from the diet can cause headaches. She might be a little dehydrated from losing weight, so she should make sure she is drinking the recommended amount of fluids to flush out the by-products of weight loss. These by products can give some sensitive people headaches. She should also contact Weight Watchers and ask them their opinion since she is following their plan.
There are a lot of physical reasons for headache too. Because she had them prior to starting her program; she really should get a thorough check-up by her doctor to rule out a serious condition. Hope that helps, and I hope she feels better. Laura Kraemer,Slimkids.com
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