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8/17 9:03:11

hi i am a college student so its kind of hard to eat right always busy so i was wondering if this was an okay diet, i usually start off with Total cereal with fat free milk no sugar and an apple and banana for breakfast, then for luch i have carrots and celery with fat free ranch, dinner is usually a bowl of ramen noodles with 2 slices of whole wheat bread plain, and then before bed i have a quaker rice cake,    so i was wondering is this a decent diet to follow will it keep me lean and provide me with the proper nutrients i should be absorbing?


Honestly no that diet is horrid, You not eating enough for a very small female to sustain healthy life let alone a full grown male thats going to college.

You have near zero protein. There are at least 6 essential amino acids we MUST intake ( the body cannot make them) to sustain just healthy life, same with fats you get nearly none and there are 3 essential fats you get none!!!!!. You diet is largely comprised of processed carbs which there are NO essential carbs worse of them being processed junk like cereal and bread, and white noodles, along with syrups.

you need to base your diet on whole food protein sources first. Meat. (beef chicken, fish et.) dairy (milk, cheese etc) and eggs. then add on a lot of good whole carb sources and fats, nuts, seeds, olive oil, butter, fruits and veggies. Thats the stuff that should be the foundation of your intake.

switch to REAL food bud
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