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Lately, I have been hearing a lot about the benefits of flavanoids found in blue/purple foods. I know that blueberries are considered to be a "brain" food. I imagine that also applies to blackberries, grapes, etc. What are the other health benefits of these blue/purple foods?

Hello Joanne!

Thank you for your nutrition question. Blue/purple fruits and veggies are rich in flavonoids. Flavonoids are the most abundant and powerful of all the phytochemicals contained in the foods we eat. There are many categories of flavonoids. One group of flavonoids helps make our blood vessels healthier. This translates into a healthier cardiovascular system and therefore a lower risk of heart disease. Flavonoids are also very beneficial in reversing the short-term memory loss associated with aging. In addition, they help improve our motor skills, which we rely on to perform large movements like walking and sitting, as well as more delicate movements using our hands, wrists, fingers, and toes.

Flavonoids may play a big role in cancer prevention and in slowing the first stages of cancer development. Moreover, one group of flavonoids called proanthocyanidins helps prevent bacteria from sticking to the lining of the urinary tract. If bacteria can抰 stick anywhere it can抰 multiply and cause an infection. As a result, eating foods like blueberries and cranberries may be one step in helping to prevent urinary tract infections.

Blue/purple foods to eat
Dried plums/prunes
Purple cabbage
Purple potatoes
Ways to boost your blue/purple food intake
Mix frozen blueberries into oatmeal as it cooks.
Roast cubed, unpeeled potatoes for a side dish.
Sprinkle raisins on top of a salad.

For more information on food colors and health see the following http://www.planetyorgos.com or www.eatrightbygeorge.com

-George Rapitis, MS

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