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Sports Nutrition

8/17 9:02:48

Hi, I need help.

Is there any website or book that state based on people weight and height and sport type, they can give suitable food for improve achievement? or based on weight and height, they can recommend which type of sport are suitable for him/her?

Is there any website or book that list down of food that suitable for each sport activities ?

Thanks for your help.

As far as finding a sport that suits you, trial and error are the best ways, or just looking at your skills and seeing how they match up. Soccer (or futbol if you prefer) requires lots of running and endurance as does lacrosse, basketball and hockey. Baseball, cricket, tennis and handball require upper body strength and sprinting ability. American Football, Rugby, and Hockey require quite a bit of physicality, and a willingness to go nose to nose with the opposing team. Think about your personality and body type and decide which fits you best.

As far as eating for sport, when you have figured out what you want to do, go to the bookstore and find a book that is sport specific. No book will cover all sports, body builders eat very differently than distance runners, each sport will have there own way. Figure out what you want to do first, then you can figure out what to do to be the best at it.

Hope this helps
Lela Simon
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