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vitamins and supplements

8/17 9:02:48

Not sure if you can answer my question, may need to ask a pharmicist. My question is, I am currently taking a supplement program, from  a company called USANA, and with the combined amount I take daily, my dr. thinks I may be taking too much Vitamin D3. He told me to look into it. So I went back to the labels, and wrote down the amounts, and researched it a little on the net(daily intake for adults and etc.) and I just want to make sure I am not confused.
I take Proflavonol(grape seed extract)6 daily, Mega Antioxidant 4 daily, Chelated Mineral 4 daily, Active Calcium 4 daily, and Ginkgo-PS 3 daily. When I take all of those combined daily, my Vitamin D3 intake is at 1000 IU daily. My Calcium intake is at 1070 mg daily, and my Vitamin C intake is at 1900mg daily. Can you tell me if any of those 3 intakes, that I have just mentioned are too high. I am aware of Vitamin D overdose, and Vitamin C overdose, so naturally I am concerned, and want to be safe.
Hoping you can help, or direct me in the right way.

I dont feel safe really giving you a direct answer or opinion here. I hope you understand. I will just state to you that Recommended daily intakes are not and never were meant o be thought of as Optimal. They were figured by getting the minimum we MUST have and then adding a small % so we know what we must get for safe healthy life.

I hope that helps and you understand my not wanting to give recommendations or even my opinions. I will say I personally have taken  LOT more VitC then that at times.


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