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nutrition advice

8/17 9:02:12

I am 19 years old and would like to know if you can please give me advice on my eating habits. I have mentioned more info about myself, below:
Weight: 48kg; body fat%: 18; height 160cm; I workout for 2 hours a day, split between cardio and toning.
My meal plan is as follows:
Pre & post workout: protein shake
Lunch: egg/tuna/cheese & 3 Crackers
Snack: youghurt & muesli
Supper: chicken/fish/lentils/meat with a carb or veggie
Snack: fruit & yoghurt
I would like to tone up and would like to if this plan is ok?
Thank you for your time!

It looks okay except for a few things- One- working out 2 hours everyday probably isn't in your best interest- your muscles need time to recover or they will never heal and therefore never develop- If you really need to workout daily try 3 days a week doing what you are doing and adding in some yoga, some lower intensity cardio and/or a sport or dance based workout on the other days. One or two days off a week isn't a bad thing either. This will give you some variety and help you recover better.

Two- MORE VEGGIES! You are only eating them once a day and it is an either/or situation. You need the minerals and vitamins veggies provide to develop properly, so work them in! Your lunch is pretty small, try eating a salad then, and always take the veggies with supper.  

Hope this Helps,
Lela Simon,
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