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Nutrition for Weightlifting

8/17 9:01:57

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Stevens,

I'm 15 yrs. old and weigh 100 lbs. and I want to gain muscle mass.

My workout routine is very good.

My daily diet consists of 160 g Protein, 280 g Carbs and 70 g Fat. I'm eating a little more than 2500 calories a day. These are all from vegetarian and egg sources seen that I can't consume meat at home. Is this diet good for maximum muscle gain and minimum fat gain?


ANSWER: Can you drink Milk??

Are you gaining weight?? Those are the two bigs ones. Everyone is a bit different I cant tell from here if 2500 calories is enough. Youll have to see if your gaining weight and if not then up your intake. Accept some fat gain, train hard and you will gain muscle.

Stop by our discussion forum and start a training log, youll get tons of help there


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yeah, I drink 4 glasses of milk a day so I'm getting 32 g protein right there. Over the past week my weight has gone up by around a pound but I don't know if that is lean muscle mass or fat?

Sean -

"Over the past week my weight has gone up by around a pound but I don't know if that is lean muscle mass or fat?"

who cares, by default if your training at half intensity that will be at least 50% lean mass. Training harder then likely much more. I would worry about two things gaining weight and getting stronger. If you get heavier and perform better in the gym you WILL be gaining muscle mass.

At an age of 15 and weight of a measly 100 lbs ( as much as my left leg)you have need to worry about gaining fat. Eat big train hard and put some meat on your bones. Dont starve your self and sacrifice the best years of your life for gaining muscle mass short your simply bodily growth and health by not eating enough

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