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8/17 9:01:51

hi i have severe firbromyalgia, and conective tissue diesese. I had the lap band surgery almost 2 years ago i lost 135 pounds since my diagnoses ive gained back 51 pounds, i cannot exercise, yes i have tried. i do attempt to eat as healthy as i can and follow my rules and guidelines for the band, but i know the weight gain has alot to do with the meds. I am looking for any kind of advice on how i can win this battle with the weight gain, it seems every time i go to the dr theres more weight!! its so frustrating because i worked so hard to loose the weight. i am 5 10 and now weigh 251 my goal is 170 ish. i appreciate your time and look forward to any kind of advice you may be able to offer!! thank you!

Congratulations on your success at losing weight!  It's so important to remind yourself that since you have done it before you know you can do it ;)

I don't really know what meds you are on and what their link is to weight gain. And when you say you 'cannot exercise' I don't know to what extent you are referring (can you walk around the block? Are there any good days at all?)

One of the first steps you need to take is to realize you DO have control over your weight.  It's too easy to say, "since I'm sick I can't exercise and the meds are at fault as well" and then just walk away and give up.  Even though you have these factors at work, when you give over all the responsibility to what's out of your control, then you give up control of your own weight and severely reduce your chances of success.

So know that you CAN burn more calories and you CAN eat fewer calories.
 Here is where I would start:
1.  For every 100 calories you can burn off, you can lose another pound a month (which is probably how slowly it came back on!)
2.  A mile walk (about 20 minutes, or 2000 steps on a pedometer) burns 100 calories.
3.  Wear a pedometer and see if you can accumulate an extra 2000 steps a day--they do NOT have to be all at once!  Any time you can take an extra 20 steps, take an extra 20 steps!
4.  Every time you can give up 100 calories (an extra helping of potatoes, an extra dinner roll, that tempting cookie, etc) you will lose another pound this month.
5.  Keep a food diary--KNOW exactly what you are eating.

Start simple--write down what you eat, and get a pedometer (they are about $5 at walmart in the sporting-goods aisle) to wear and get an idea of how many steps you take on a typical day.  Just log your steps and what you eat for the first 4 or 5 days... you don't even have to change a thing at first!
Then, take note of where you can make small changes--walk a bit more, eat a bit less--it will add up to make a big difference in the long run!
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