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How can I Gain Weight, Build muscle and lose fat without affecting my performance

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I'm 26 years old male, 157lb, 5'11", a typical hardgainer. I started working out again after I quit working out 10 years ago due to severe shoulder injury. I gained quite abit of fat in my mid section during this time.

I started working out again last summer and I had good gains within the first few weeks and first couple of months but everything almost slowed down to almost no gains after that. I do alot of core and abs exercises.

I wanted to know how I can lose my belly fat quickly without losing muscle and without affecting my progress.

Thank you


typical users of my pr
Hi Ali,

It's all in what you eat and drink.

If you are doing the correct exercises and giving your body the rest intervals it needs between, in order to recover and muscles to grow, then it comes down to nutrition and stress.

I cannot help on the stress side, but this is a big one for men as it causes fat to be stubborn around the stomach.

Nutrition wise, you should be having 6 small meals a day, and each one should be protein based. You must know how much your minimum protein requirement is, and you must not go below your calorie equivalent of your resting basal rate. So, eating the wrong food and not eating enough will slow down the fat loss.

Stomach fat is very hard to lose and requires a very strict eating habit. It is extremely difficult on just eating healthily as you'll need to supplement with protein, amino acids, and multi vitamins.

You cannot get enough of this through just eating food on a plate.

One point to mention- get out of the idea that you'll lose belly fat quickly. Even bodybuilders spend the most time on this area as it is a slow progress, but can be done if you are disciplined.

As an example, I have the following programme:

protein shake for breakfast
protein bar snack
protein shake for lunch
protein bar or similar protein snack
turkey/fish/lean meat dinner with mixed veg and small amount of pots/pasta/rice
protein snack of cottage cheese or oats

I have 8 glasses of water a day with herbal tea
I have an isotonic drink while exercising
I take multi vitamins, high quality fish oil, anti-oxidants, fibre,calcium supplements daily

I feel fantastic! I'm 42 and have never been healthier.

Remember, will all supplements, they should be naturally based, with no artificial additives, synthetics or chemicals, and should be taken 3 times a day before meals.

Maybe not what you wanted to hear, but if you are serious then following this advice will see you get to your goals.

If you want to find out more about the supplements you can read (and listen to doctor's reports) about them at http://www.thinkslimntrim.org/shoponline

Hope this helps
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