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Weight gain, fat loss and Creatine

8/17 9:01:41


I'm 26 years old male, 157lb, 5'11", a typical hardgainer. I have quite a bit of fat in my midsection. I started working out last summer and I had good gains for the first few weeks and couple of months but everything slowed down to almost a halting state after that.

I read about Creatine supplements that could increase the gains and increase fat loss.

I wanted to know how is the best way to diet for a person who has trouble gaining weight and has fat in his mid section to lose fat and build muscle at the same time. Also, is Creatine safe? How effective is it?



You need to train better IMO. Yoiu should not be stalling this early, Its either lack of good training or lack of eating. Creatine is safe but I dont think ANYONE should use a supplement of any kind unless they can make progress without it. Supplements are used to Supplement an already good plan not be the base for one.

Please drop by our free forum www.teamstaley.com start a training log and tell us what your doing and we will all help you

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