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I hardly feel hungry

8/17 9:01:36

I find it very difficult to eat more than two times a day and i hardly feel hungry. If i eat,and am not doing any vigorous work i won't feel hungry for a long time.I always have this feeling of fullness, as if i just finished eating.
I went to a doctor and he put me on multivitamins and advised me to eat small meals throughout the day, but nothing changed.
Please i want to know if there's something wrong with me, and what can i do to help myself?
Thank you.


Drink more water and make yourself eat. You likely ran your metabolism in the gutter. Star eating more meal a day regardless if your hungry or not. Make them low fiber easily digested meals so they will run through you fast. When it comes down to it just eat, sometimes eating is 90% of the battle. Try being a BIG guy with lots of muscle you at many times have to cram the food in. Its part of the game.

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