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nutrition for six pack

8/17 9:01:28

i'm a 17 year old wrestler who has come off a hectic werstling season, and want to get my abs more lean and cut for next year. i'm having trouble finding the foods that will help the fat go away? When you get a chance, tell me what kind of foods i should eat. thanks!


why the need for a six pack?? your an athlete and a six pack never made anyone a better athlete. a six pack never own a gold medal, a championship or a title. What does? training to be a better athlete concentrating on you performance and kicking butt in the gym and on the matt, and by concentrating on that then you may just get a six pack by default just from concentrating on getting better stronger faster and meaner. What good is a six pack if your starved and weak many, Most world champion never had a defined 6 pack. Aside from body building and they are at their weakest and most unhealthy when they are on stage.

some guys and gals are naturally leaner then others some just get a six pack most people dont. You want a six pack or do you want o concentrate on being a great athlete?

Anyway if your set on getting a six pack its simple. train hard and with big moves and eat less then you burn and lose body fat. Concentrate on veggies, good fats and Protein at every meal. limit he carbs except around your training, stay away from sugars and flours and chips and cookies etc except again just prior to or after training. Some limited fruit earlier in the day cut carbs out aside from green veggies late and replace them with fats and get 1 gram of protein per meal. adopt a low in tensity cardio regime to burn fat, and couple that with your mat time and resistance training with BIG compound moves

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