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Not losing weight?

8/17 9:01:14

I am a 17 year old girl, my height is 5'6, and I weight about 165 pounds. For almost a year I have been "dieting". Before I started, I ate probably 2000 some calories a day. I started out at 1800, then slowly decreased the amount I ate, while also improving the foods I ate. For about 3-4 months I have been eating 1300 a day, and drink nothing but water. I have lost a small amount, not sure how much pound wise, but I can see a small difference in my body, but not much. I'm probably around 30 pounds overweight, I'm not huge by any means, but my stomach is still fat and sticks out, as well has having a horrible fat roll right below my breasts. You can only see it if I'm naked and slouching or sitting, but obviously being a 17 year old girl I am very concerned about how my body looks naked. I have two main questions. First, how can I still be this overweight when I've been eating 1300 calories for 4 months? I know you're supposed to have at least 1200. Is 1300 a lot? I hardly exercise, for awhile I did 30 min on the treadmill a few days a week, but I kind of stopped because I have a job now, and work most days of the week plus I have school. So, I'm not expecting some perfect body seeing as how I don't really exercise, but I don't see how I've lost so little, because there is a huge difference between how I used to eat and how I have been for like 4 months, so how can I not have lost more? My second question is, well, for like 2 weeks now, I've been eating 800 calories. Will this finally make me lose weight? Despite what metabolism I might have will eating 800 calories definitely make me see good results? I know you'll probably say that's unhealthy, but I've been doing it for like 2 weeks and I don't feel bad physically. I just want to know if eating 800 will produce good results. I really want my stomach to be a lot smaller and to lose that fat roll. Will this work? Thanks for your time!

Dear Kaye,

Thanks for your question!
Best I can tell it is likely you are drastically underestimating the number of calories you are eating.  Even on 2000 calories a girl your age and height would lose weight.  Often, people believe they are eating things very low in calories, or do not realize how large their portions are.
How are you calculating your calorie intake?  Do you keep a detailed food record of everything you eat and drink?  Do you stick to your diet almost all of the time but then allow yourself a high-calorie treat now and then (I, myself, gained quite a few pounds with several months of 'treating' myself for sticking to my diet!!)
At your age, even 1300 calories is much too low--of course you knew I'd say 800 is terribly unhealthy!  And if you are really eating 1300 calories a day, every day, and not losing 2 pounds a week, I would strongly suggest you have your parents take you to a doctor and get your thyroid checked.

Not exercising you know is also the other side of the equation that's not working for you.  If you don't have the time (or the desire) to get on the treadmill (which can be quite boring!) just find ways to get some more walking in.  You can buy a very inexpensive pedometer (I mean like $5 at walmart) and track your daily steps, just trying to get another thousand or so increase every week (that's just 1/2 mile and takes less than 15 minutes, but will burn an extra 50 calories).

Be sure you are getting enough nutrition.  A great guideline is found at http://www.mypyramid.gov which will tell you your calorie needs and what foods to take in and in what amounts.

Good luck, be healthy, and let me know what happens!!
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