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Weekly calorie counting

8/17 9:01:01

Hi, I very recently sent you a question, and now I have another one heh. Well, one time I read on some website that rather than focusing on your daily calories, to focus on weekly calories. As in, say you are supposed to have 1200 calories a day, (which is what a website told me), then thats 8400 per week for a 7 day week. Some days I feel much hungrier than others, so some days as you saw in my last question, I eat like 100, then another day I eat like 1600. Would it be effective to do it this way, eating different amounts of calories everyday as long as I come out with the right weekly amount at the end of the week? If not I will just stick to the same everyday, but I just want to know if it would work, cause it would help a lot. Thanks! Sorry for the close together questions.

Actually I told you to aim for 1600 a day:) Yes, there will be some fluctuation in you daily diet- I definitely wouldn't suggest a rigid system of "You must eat this many calories every day, no matter what- no more no less!"

BUT You shouldn't eat less than 1100 calories per day, to prevent your metabolism from slowing down. Going on wild ups and downs with your calories 800 calories one day then 2400 the nest will cause your body to not trust the incoming food supply, thus setting your body to store fat for the coming famine.

Hope that is clear,
Lela Simon
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