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How many calories

8/17 9:00:56

I had just asked you a question and you answered but it never came to my email so I can't rate you sorry:(

But i have another question and hopefuly you can help me..... I weigh 330 lbs, how many calories should I stick to a day that will help me lose weight? Also should i look at fat grams a day? if so how many fat grams should I consume in a day?

I really appreciate your help, thanks.


You shouldn't stick to a certain amount of calories as that is misleading. Instead, follow my guidance on the previous email.
For example- you can have hundreds of calories of veg and lean meats daily and you will feel great; you can have a few calories of saturated fats and sugars daily and become overweight and ill.

If looking at the fat grams, only concern yourself with the saturated fats, and reduce those as much as possible. Your bod needs essential fats, so trying to avoid all fats will lead to a breakdown of your body.

All the best
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