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Effects of insulin and eating disorder

8/17 9:00:52

Hi Laurie.  I've been diagnosed with IBS, border line coeliac, dairy intolerant and last year had candida albicans.  All, probably, as a result of my various eating disorders over the years.  As a result of my very strict (but fairly varied) diet given to me by the dietician I have started to chew and spit "forbidden foods".  At the end of the day I am bloated, and I'm gaining weight (I think as a result of my C&S obsession?!)  Can you explain why I should be gaining?  Is it something to do with too much insulin?  If you are unable to explain the effects of C&S can you tell me who I should address my question to please?  This C&S has been going on for 7 months and rules my life!  I need to stop and hope that some science may scare me into stopping!  Thanks for absolutely ANY advice you can give. H

Dear Helen,

Although I cannot explain your weight gain without knowing how many calories you are eating versus expending, I can tell you that you should definitely seek the help of a qualified eating disorder therapist for your obsession.  This is ruling your life, as you said, and you deserve to have a normal life!   The physical issues you have can be very easily controlled, but you are likely causing your body harm by the way you are using food---nothing at all related to insulin, by the way.
Please let me know if you need assistance finding the appropriate therapist--this is, in my opinion, the priority for you to address at this time, even more than how much you weigh.
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