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8/17 9:00:40

 I'm a girl and I need abs. I'm thin but I still have some fat. My sister is telling me I need to do cardio, but I'm not sure how.
 So how can I lose fat, then eventually get abs? Or, Can you refer me to any websites for help?

Hi andy,

If you look thin but have fat then you definitely are not eating properly.

Nothing can happen to your body in a positive way, until you get your nutrition right.
Your basic need is to get the right mount of protein into you and balance that with fresh veg and water. Protein is found in lean fish,poultry,meat,eggs,nuts/seeds,soya.

Also, make sure you do not fry your food or cover it in ready made sauces.

Protein is the building blocks for muscle and without it your body will store fat and never give you a lean defined look.

As for the exercise, do more weights instead, but make sure you support it with the correct foods as above.

You can certainly go to my website below but please note that you must be 18 yrs or older for me to help and also must be serious before you complete the online survey as I spend a lot pf my valuable time helping clients like yourself.

All the best
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