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what do i need to look for in my vitamin supplements to know what I'm getting is an actual naturally occurring element and not processed garbage? is there a reference i can get the total picture of the vitamin scene so i am not taken in by inaccurate data or incorrect data?

Hi Dan!

It is SAFER to choose vitamin supplements from companies that meet U.S. Pharmacopeia Standards (USPs) for Potency, Uniformity, Disintegration & Dissolution if we can not trust what
is written on the label (see dietary supplements risks ) from the vitamin brand ratings table.

The vitamin brand ratings table is from the highly respected. Choose from the table below.

1   USANA Health Sciences   Essentials (U.S.)
2   Douglas Laboratories   Ultra Preventive X
3   Vitamin Research Products   Extend Plus
4   Source Naturals   Life Force Multiple
5   Source Naturals   蒷an Vit鄉
6   USANA Health Sciences   Essentials (Canadian)
7   FreeLife   Basic Mindell Plus
8   Life Extension Foundation   Life Extension Mix
9   Karuna   Maxxum 4
10   Ultimate Nutrition   Super Complete
11   Douglas Laboratories   Ultra Preventive Beta
12   SportsPharma   Multiguard
13   Dr. Julian Whitaker's   Forward Multi-Nutrient
14   Douglas Laboratories   Ultra Preventive III
15   amni   Added Protection III
16   Purity Products   Perfect Multi Focus Formula
17   DaVinci Laboratories   Spectra Woman
18   Doctor's Nutrition   Mega Vites Woman
19   Mountain Naturals of Vermont   Women's Superior
20   Douglas Laboratories   Ultra Preventive IX
21   Nutrition Dynamics   Optimum Health Essentials
22   Karuna   Maxxum 2
23   DaVinci Laboratories   Spectra
24   FoodScience of Vermont   Superior Care
25   Mountain Naturals of Vermont   Superior Care

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-George Rapitis, MS
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