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Eating fruits before meal can be good or bad

8/17 9:00:28


I hope I am in the right category. Hope you can help.

Is it true that you should take your fruits before having
your meals and not after. If yes, why is this so and how
long you should eat your fruits before your meal ie the time
difference between eating fruit and your meal.

Thank you. Your reply is very much appreciated.


Eddie Chan

Dear Eddie Chan,

It depends on the fruit. There's evidence that eating grapefruit before meal makes you full sooner during the meal and eventually improves metabolism. As a rule, the less energy-dense fruit or vegetable you eat before your meal, the less total calories you consume. Eating calorie-loaded salads, to the contrary, makes you consume more calories during that meal.  It's all about energy density: how many calories you get volume for volume, because the volume of your meal is the main controller of how soon you feel full.

Tanya Zilberter
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