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I need to get fighting fit

8/17 9:00:26

With proper diet and cardio I have been able to loose 30 lbs but as a soldier I need to gain some strength. With my busy schedule I can only really workout at 5am just before PT which is usually a run.Needing to gain a lot of strength and some muscle while trimming as much fat as possible what kind of work out regimen should I follow? And how about post workout nutrition knowing I ll be running at least 5 miles within an hour of finishing my work out.


Your going to need to resistance train and knowing what the military sadly concentrates on I would have you in your own time concentrate mainly on basic BIG heavy strength based move in a low rep range to add strength and not to much heavy lean mass to inhibit the running.

Even a one lift a day program where you are doing squats, deadlifts, bench and over head press, bent over rows and chin up. One of those each day and do them heavy and hard in the 5 or less rep range.

Just prior and just following exercise I would have you slamming a shake comprised of protein and carbs in a 50/50 ratio, maybe 25/75 carbs post workout and more dilute carbs prior to and during the run if you can.

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