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Getting ripped by 50

8/17 9:00:26

I'll be turning 49 in September and I'm doing prep work to begin a life style change starting then and hopefully reaching my goal by 50.
I'm 6'2" and 275 lbs. Currently I'm very sedentary except for 2 rounds of golf per week (riding). During the next year I would like to greatly reduce my body fat while gaining muscle. I have a 50" chest and believe I have a body builders physique buried under there somewhere.
I'm looking for a aerobic/lifting plan as well as a smart diet. I know the Diabetic exchange diet very well but from what I'm reading that is not the kind of diet I should be using here. Can you tell me what you think the best way is to start and continue this plan? Thanks in advance.


the best way is start Yesterday not today not tomorrow but make small changes today. Start adding a bit of walking, walk at golf done ride. Add in some resistance training sessions one or two a week and start o clean up your diet.

I cant give you a complete plan that would take hours, more info and would be unfair to my many paying clients but can give tips.

To many people try and turn their life upside down in one swoop and change everything and also not start until they have a perfect plan. There is NO such thing as a perfect plan so again start today and also dont change everything add bits and make then a lifestyle get used to them and add more. Those who go all out usually quit

try starting with just two resistance training sessions a week and then later go to a 3rd. Resistance training should be the foundation to your plan aside from diet. Even more so when we age, Resistance training holds and builds lean mass and bone that we are losing at a fast pace in our later years. We need to do anything we can to hang on to that. Base your program on BIG compound moves with free weights NOT machines work hard but dont fail just aim to make stead slow progress work a bit more each time. Learn how to squat, deadlift, bench and overhead pres, bent over row and chin. These should be your staple moves with also maybe cleans added later, There is NO need to do fluff like curls and leg extensions and calf raises and crunches unless you can first master these and make them staples of your regimen.

Diet. KISS Keep it simple stupid. Eat real food. Eat lots of protein meat, fish, poultry, milk eggs etc., get a good lot of good fats, olive oil, nuts, butter, fish oils, and then carbs from veggies and fruit. Limit he grains and the processed crap. Things in a box or bag. Learn to love real food and this alone will have you skyrocket to your goals without getting unnecessarily complicated.

For more info you should join our free discussion forum, you will get lots of great advice and discussion there www.teamstaley.com start a training log. We can help with training, diet and then give advice on supplementation


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