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Regarding metabolism

8/17 9:00:10

Dear Phil,

If I were to cut my daily intake from 1850 (a level which I can maintain my weight) to 1600 per day, could this switch decrease my metabolism or cause muscle wasting over the long term? I am a eighteen year old female who is 5'8" and 103 pounds. If it would decrease my metabolism, is there anything I can do to prevent it?

The only exercise I can fit in is a daily fifteen minute walk and 15 minutes of yoga. I eat three meals a day, with my calories coming 25% from protein, 60% carbs and 15% fat.  I am also a lacto-vegetarian,  but I do get all nutrients in, more than enough actually so I don't think cuts would hurt it, though some days I do fall short of niacin, iron and vitamin D and I know they all play a role in metabolism, but could a 10-20% occasional deficiency be detrimental?

I'm not trying to lose weight, its just that its becoming too difficult to eat 1850 and I do wish to go less than 1600 but the calculators I've found online place me there for maintenance... but I'm really afraid that over time I'll decrease my metabolism and gain weight even though I'd be eating less...

I thank you so much for your time... I really appreciate you for being there and taking the time to answer all of our questions...


You dont NOT want op eat less eating less will have you lose weight and that in itself you DO NOT want. Your light already and you dont want to go lighter you will either have to drastically lower your activity as you will lose energy or you will lose weight from Likely muscle.

I wont try and convince you of a more human diet one your evolved to naturally eat though I wish you would consider it, but if your having problems getting in the calories the easiest way to do so is going to be to really up the fat intake from all healthy sources, saturated, and unsaturated. Fat packs in 9 calories per gram as compared to 4 and fat is a MUST for a healthy body and minds.

There are at least 3 essential fatty acids and at least 7 essential amino acids meaning that you MUST eat them to be healthy. But there are NO, None essential carbohydrates yet the carbs make up more then half of your intake. Your not a horse or cow etc. they have a different makeup and needs then you. Your a human and need to eat as if you were and get in the things you are made to thrive on.

LOAD up on the dairy products and ones with fat in them. This will give you your only complete protein and then fat. Eat lots of nuts and seeds these will give you that fat and iron and some OK protein. Oil oil etc. It will be very easy to hit your 1800+ and you will likely take in more and as well have greater energy and for sure health potential.

I hope this helps you reach your goals

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No problem Marisa, I am glad I helped and thank you for your kind words. Let me know how you progress.
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