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Thin, but with a belly :(

8/17 8:59:52

Hi Phil
I am 16 years old. 5 Feet 10 inches, and 61 Kgs.
I used to be 57. I joined gym a month back , and the
trainers advised me to eat more. So in a month I gained 4
But all of it, on my belly. So now I am thin, with a slight
What should I do? I NEED to GAIN weight.I Need to eat. BMI
sites tell me I need to be atleast 70 KGS! And at 61 I
ALREADY have a belly :(
The question is: How to gain weight without gaining more of
that stomach. What to eat?
What about cardio? Should I do cardio? Because cardio will
reduce my weight, and I dont want that. Catch-22 Situation!
Could Pilates work for me? What diet and exercise routine
should I follow? Please help me, Phil. I would really
appreciate your help. Thank you thank you so much.


Above all you just need to eat, gain the weight and get healthy, being skinny does NOT mean healthy and for sure not when you are ultra low bodt fat or under weight. So Just eat gain the weight no matter if its fat or muscle. You have to have some bodyfat to be healthy and just live. Your body wants it. Those pictures you see of ultra lean people are them in a split second they arent that way year round and as well 95% of them are on some sort of performance enhancing illegal drugs.

If you just eat to be healthy and train to perform then you will then lean out and gain muscle but it takes years of hard work. Your training should be based in big compound moves using free weights not machine squat, deadlift, bench press, OH Press, and chins/ rows, not pilates or cardio. thats what will tighten you up make you firm.

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