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Hi, my name is giorgia and I'm 35. I love all kinds of vegetables and in particular I adore plain steamed zucchini.
I found that the zucchini are one of the few things that my stomach tolerates even when I often suffer from nausea or abdominal tension.  Moreover the zucchini usually give me an immediate sense of relief in the stomach.

Since I know some biochemistry I tried to understand this but I couldn't find anything special in the composition of the zucchini , in particular nothing different from other vegetables.
Neither I found indication in the literature of similar benefits for the zucchini.

Can you help me understand this phenomenon?

Can it just be simply a psychosomatic effect due to me particularly loving them and the brain then releasing endorphins when I eat them?


Hi Giorgia,

I don't know the answer but I don't believe it has something to do w/ the endorphins from the brain. One can love a particular kind of food and still be allergic to them. For example someone who love ice cream might have lactose intolerance.

Zucchini is very low in calories and high in fiber content and they are also rich calcium & potassium. A very healthy food choice!

Best wishes,
Linda Yo
Certified Weight Consultant
Author Asian Slim Secrets

"If you are ready to become slim, trim,
energized and healthier using the
ancient wisdom of Asia, read this book
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Mark Victor Hansen,
co-creator the #1 NY Times Best-selling Series
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