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The art and science of gaining muscle

8/17 8:59:33

I'm a 36 year old indian woman living in india. I'm 5'4?in height and weigh only 36kgs [80 pounds]. I have always been naturally thin and no matter what high calorie foods I eat, I can't gain weight. Even though I  seldom exercise.

I have tried eating butter, cheese, junk food, lots of chocolates. Nothing works.

Is there any protein or energy drink I can take that is SAFE and will make me pile on the pounds? Can you recommend any names? Of course they have to be available in india.

Is it safe to take tablets to increase my appetite? If so, which would you recommend? Once when I was about 17 the doctor gave me some tablets that increased  my appetite and I started eating more and gained a few pounds. It looks like I can gain weight only when I increase my food intake and I simply can't gain if I just eat high calorie foods. The quantity seems to matter more than the quality in my case. I have heard that appetite-increasing tablets should not be taken for too long.

The real reason I feel bad about this is that I am so flat chested. If I had breasts, I think I wouldnt even care if the rest of me was unnaturally skinny. But I can't develop breasts until my body is able to hold on to some fat.

I am perfectly healthy and seldom fall sick. I have never suffered from anorexia or any eating disorder. In fact there are many women in india who are naturally thin and find it hard to gain any weight.

Thank you for your time.


It depends on what kind of weight you wish to gain. Hope not fat but muscle? I would recommend a reputable manual in muscle gain: http://tinyurl.com/2nzgbh --but be ready to read that exercise is a must!

As to the chest problem, gaining some muscle should help it, too. Being underweight causes hormonal problems, so solving will hopefully work.

Tanya Zilberter  
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