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Dieting and boosting metabolism

8/17 8:59:33


Currently I am having some issues with keeping to a specific diet.  I do know that stress is a big factor that has prevented me from losing weight. Also, I have tried many different diets but do not stick to them. I know that eating boiled eggs as a snack or for breakfast will actually work to curb my appetite but some times I don't want to always eat that. I am currently 45-55 lbs overweight. Do you have any suggestions on what I could do to raise my metabolism and end cravings? I heard of people taking acai berry with a detox liquid. Does that help?

I don't particularly buy into the idea that any "superfood" can make any person skinny on its own. I pretty much stick to the notion that strong metabolism come from sensible balanced diets and consistent effective exercise.

Eating the same thing all the time is boring and not particularly good nutrition wise. Try a slice of tomato and 3 ounces of smoked salmon (also known as Lox). High protein, nutritionally very similar to a hard boiled egg, but more exciting!

Cravings are usually a sign that your body isn't getting something it needs- Sweets could be a mineral deficiency, Fatty foods could be an Omega 3 deficiency, Salt could be a hydration issue.

Hope this helps,
Lela Simon
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