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Online program to lose belly fat

8/17 8:59:32

hi Tanya!We are an Indian couple.My Husband is 33 yrs old.He is 181cms and weighs 94kgs.He is trying hard to loose weight.most of the weight is around his tummy.He has completely left rice and breads except one complete meal on the weekend.His diet since 17 days is:
Breakfast-Cornflakes but sweetened or Orange juice and some fruit
Lunch-Cooked vegetables with some salad(without any dressing)or  Sprout salad or boiled beans salad
Dinner-Soup veg or chicken.Pulses 2 small bowls+cooked vegetable or grilled fish/chicken

he takes alcohol thrice a week.Say 2-3 serving each time.Walks for abot 30-40 mins.No red meat,No sugars or coffee or tea--only green tea.
He lost only about 1.5 kgs in these days.

What are your suggestions?We want to adopt a diet which can be followed long term.

Any excercises which can be done at home.

Anou V Vohra  


Our complete diet program is online and cost you nothing. Please take a look at http://bantadiet.com Click on the start button when you wish to join. It has 92 percent success rate since 2002 and is especially efficient for the abdominal fat reduction.

Tanya Zilberter
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