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Should i lose weight?

8/17 8:59:09

QUESTION: I'm a 5'7" 15 y.o. girl, and over the past month ive gained about ten pounds (from 126 to 137). Instead of the flat stomach and defined abs i had before, i now have a belly that bulges when i sit down, and all my clothes are too tight. I know im not overweight, but is it unhealthy to have gained all this excess fat so quickly?  Should i try to lose it, or just stay the way i am?

ANSWER: Dear Amy, At age fifteen, it is not unhealthy to gain 10 pounds, your body is still maturing and may possibly still be growing. Every inch of growth is equal to 5-7 pounds. Normal hormonal changes can also add 5 pounds of fluctuating weight. If you feel more comfortable at 126 and you are sure you haven't grown in height, then increase your daily exercise and cut out all snacking. You should be able to drop 5- 10 pounds by the end of September. Hope that helps, Laura Kraemer,Slimkids.com

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QUESTION: I havent grown in height or muscle, it is all excess fat. My waist is flabby and has gone up to 31 inches around (it was 28.5 a month ago) .  Is that too high? It seems like ive gained weight really quickly. thanks for your help, amy

Dear Amy, You are not overweight, but if those extra pounds are bugging you, then exercise and watch your snacking. Crunches will tone the midsection and walking will burn the fat. A lot of people gain weight in the summer. Try to get back to your old eating routine you followed last year in school. Hope that helps, Laura Kraemer,Slimkids.com
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