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Vitamin D?

8/17 8:58:59

I spend a lot of time researching obesity. I am a chubby guy in spite of not being a big eater and being very active. My daughter (15) is like me while my other children are 'normal'.
My latest 'thing' is vitamin d. I started taking it a few weeks ago and while not losing tons of weight my weight is stable and my pants are a bit looser.
I was a real skinny kid but back then we all took cod liver oil in school until grade 5. After that is when I started to get chubby and also some ADHD issues started.
Should I start my daughter on vitamin d as well? Is it possible she shares some genetic component with me where she doenst process sunlight as well as others and needs more vitamin d?
BTW she is not very active and doent eat much either but her main fare is pasta.Pasta is high carb which is bad? but low glycemic which is good?

Dear Bud, First, the study with vitamin D and weight loss is not conclusive and more studies are needed. A lot of doctors are now drawing Vitamin D levels just to see what they are. I would make sure your daughter is getting enough Vitamin D in her diet, and if you don't think she is, have her doctor draw a vitamin D level. You can dose her with a daily vitamin D containing 200-400 IU, but I wouldn't give her anymore without a doctor's order.
In regards to pasta and weight loss, I'm not a fan of pasta. Your daughter can eat pasta and still maintain her weight and yes it's lower on the GI scale, but the portion size on average is 1/2 to 3/4 cup dry measurement. When pasta is overeaten, it cannot all be burned off and the excess is stored as fat. Carbs are easily stored as fat, whereas protein and fat foods are not.
Hope that helps, Laura Kraemer,Slimkids.com
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