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Afternoon Snacking

8/17 8:58:54

All my life I have been quite the bean-pole.  Now that I am over 50, I am developing a "spare tire" around the middle.  My last checkup showed that my cholestrol level was at 200 and the Dr. recommended eating better.  I do okay in that area and I do exercise at the gym 2-3 times a week.  But my main issue is afternoon snacking.  I eat Oatmeal for breakfast, have a light lunch, and a regular home-cooked meal for dinner.  But it is between lunch and dinner that I find myself feeling hungry.  That is when the donuts, cookies, chips and other junk foods call to me.
So my question is: what are some natural, healthy snacks that will supress the hunger so I don't binge snack all afternoon?  I know there are suppresents in pill form but if at all possible, I would rather have nutritous foods instead.

Usually cravings are trying to tell you something- Carb or Salty food cravings might mean you need more minerals in your diet( milk, beans, nuts) - Fat cravings could mean you need to add some essential fatty acids (flax, nuts, avocados or fish) to your diet. Try adding some of these foods and see if it doesn't help.

The other issues are sleep and dehydration. If you are tired your body will ask for a "boost" from sugar to get through the day, and if you are dried out, you can easily mistake thirst for hunger.

Hope this helps,
Lela Simon
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