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RE: Saturated Fats & Heart Disease

8/17 8:58:50

Thank you Laurie for your timely reply to my earlier Q on Saturated Fats & Heart Disease.  Your answer has been quite useful for me. However, I'm reluctant to ask most of the registered dietitions or nutritionists because probably they would tell me to stay away from all Saturated fats & that there's a link between sat fats & risk of heart disease. I guess that is what they have been taught through med. school. But I'm sure there are nutritionists out there who are forward thinking & very current in their research who may be open to new theories about this area. They are not deviating from what they have been taught, but are in a quest to find out more about the nature of Sat fat & Heart disease. Would you know of such an expert?

Thanks a lot.

Dear Andrew,
I do not personally know anyone currently doing research in that field.  The person you would probably want to ask would be a professor of nutrition currently doing research at a university on blood lipids and heart disease. The person may not be a registered dietitian, but a biochemist.
Dietitians typically take long-standing, peer-accepted research results and translate it to the public in terms of "what food should you eat in order for this to work in your body".  So we, in general, are often a few years behind what very recent research is "suggesting" and go with the evidence that has already shown up as effects on people, rather than what is being studied at the cellular level.
Perhaps someone at the American Heart Association can refer you to such a person.

Good luck in your quest!
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