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Gain & Lose weight

8/17 8:58:49

I have noticed i both lose and gain weight easily. My question is why this can be happening?
And my question is based on the fact that since i have a "fast" metabolism it would make sense to gain weight difficulty and not easily.
Can you explain that to me please.

It either means 1) You have a very specific metabolic rate and so if you go a little over or a little under, you experience weight fluctuations.If so, the best way to maintain your weight is to figure out your optimal calorie count and stick to it.
2) You are a person with a normal metabolism and a feast or famine personality- a person that eats or drinks a lot for a short period of time them cuts back drastically and eats very little losing weight quickly. This doesn't last though- eventually the weight gains will become harder to take off (especially if the high calorie times are caused by alcohol consumption).

Hope this helps,
Lela Simon
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